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Winter Coat


Furs and down jackets are fashion favourite that keep your body warm in the cooler climate. After the holiday or when the season ends, these articles should be properly cleaned before putting back into storage.

Winter wear requires special care to maintain its shape and prevent damage to the fabric and wool fibers.


Down clothing needs to be handled gently as too much pressure will break down the feathers and regular detergents will dry out the feathers.
Professional dry cleaning is recommended to keep them looking great and extend their lifespan.

Engage our dryclean service today, keep your winter garments clean and fresh for its next wear!


DryClean Expert provides specialised cleaning for cold weather clothing and accessories, including

  • Down Jacket,
  • Fur and Wool Coat,
  • Sweater,
  • Windbreaker,
  • Trenchcoat.
  • Scarf &
  • Gloves,


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